New dates confirmed

New dates confirmed

New dates confirmed

Here we roll again, back at full strength and ready to serve you some riffs and harmonies. You got to know Martin as a new member earlier this year. Now, before 2014 ends, we are happy and glad to have the opportunity to announce that credic exists as a 5-piece-band again. With a little bit of fortune, luck and a helping hand we got the chance to meet someone, we shared several stages with, again. During some beers and rehearsal-sessions we remembered, why we had a good time back then, sitting behind stages in tiny, uncomfortable und stuffy rooms - killing time, having fun. It felt good then and it feels right now.
Thus let’s welcome Stefan as our new vocalist! Give him a virtual round of applause and propose a toast to the credic-formation of late 2014: Martin, Olli, Walde, Stefan, Andy

Friends, the time has come for some terrific news.

Last month we had to announce the departure of two of our bandmates. Quite a depressing announcement, you can believe that. But let this thoughts be yesterday and put the focus on here and now. Because today we have the pleasure to introduce you to an old friend of ours and the new man on board.

Welcome Martin!

Being dear friends for several years, the question wasn't whether the chemistry between us was good or not, but whether he would agree with handling the bass instead of his favourite instrument, which would have been the guitar. Well, to shorten things, to our luck he agreed with big enthusiasm, looking forward to write the next episode of Credic's story with us.

So here we are, the new Credic-formation, ready to play some heavy and melodic music.

Walde, Martin, Olli, Andy (Picture taken by Hundertachtbilder)